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The Pakistani Music and Media Awards (PMMA) have been launched to recognise the outstanding contribution to both the Media and Entertainment Industry and celebrate grassroots initiatives by individuals and groups across the UK with Pakistani and British Asian heritage.

After a successful ceremony of our First PMM Awards on 2nd September 2015, the 2016 Awards will take place on the 8th September 2016 at Badshah Palace Conference and Banqueting Hall, Birmingham.

PMMA aims to celebrate the achievements of artists, producers, music and media experts within the British Asian world, while also encouraging new talent to break into the industry. We will honour the new and the established talent within over 26 categories in the industry which make up the vibrant world of Pakistani music and media.

A number of exceptional UK Asians and those from the Pakistani diaspora will be honoured at the first ever event. This high profile evening is expected to attract an exceptional list of guests to gather, support and celebrate Pakistanis in the industry.

The awards will ensure that those working or investing in the industry will have the opportunity to receive acclaim for their achievements.

The Bidgley Power Foundation team say Pakistani Music and Media Awards: “We have seen positive movement within the development of Pakistanis in the industry. We feel that recognition and acknowledgement of individuals and organisations is a fundamental part of developing more individuals”

“We are delighted to be involved in the Pakistani Media and Music Awards and look forward to celebrating all aspects from those involved within the industry.

The Bidgley Power foundation team said: “I am delighted that the inaugural Pakistani Media and Music Awards will be held this year. We are committed to the industry for all and look forward to welcoming the community for an evening to celebrate success and high achievement across all areas but act as an inspiration to younger generations.”

The Bidgley Power Foundation: “The first Pakistani Media and Music Awards promise to be a fantastic opportunity to network with influential personnel from the entertainment industry. We are proud to be hosting this event and are sure that Pakistani participation will benefit its inception.”
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About Bidgley Power Foundation

Empowering Communities by Connecting People

Bidgley Power Foundation grew out of a successful community sports club which was based in the Aston area of Birmingham and has been running for the past 35 years.The club grew and grew with over 100 members both young and old from the local community. The members saw how they could help the area as well and from this the charity was born.

Our Vision
Bidgley Power Foundation is a people first organisation working in partnership to maximise positivity, independence and participation in civic life for young, old and disabled people in the city of Birmingham.

Our Mission
To work in partnership to make the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all who access and volunteer in our services a reality, enhancing quality of life, retaining dignity and treating others with respect.

Our Aims
To provide recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for able bodied and disabled people.To act as a resource for people living in Birmingham especially helping young people by developing the i r ski l l s , capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals. Advancing vocational education (non-academic) and work-based education to develop employability and enterprise skills and to help Relieve unemployment To promote civic life in the local community through volunteering and providing opportunities for people to make a positive change to their communities. Customers and Communities We work with a diverse range of people both able bodied and disabled in need of help and support, from 6-year-olds to 60-year-olds plus, and offer specialist services catering for their different needs.

Our services are provided in a range of settings from schools, leisure centers and parks , to individuals’ homes within the community across the Midlands region and beyond. We have services based in the Aston Area of Birmingham but through our partnerships we have worked with people from all across the country and Europe.

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